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All ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators, prior delivery to customers, are subjected to rigorous test in simulated typical working conditions and simulated extreme working condition to ascertain their absolute performances  with broad margins of safety for operators. 

ATIS qualified quality control engineers verify overall performances of all manipulators, by checking attentively that each data meets the stipulated requisites of health and safety directives, in addition to broad margins of safety for operators. 

When a new manipulator is designed, a quality control engineer performs the first set of tests, make a prototype on condition that tests satisfy the level of acceptable quality and total safety after which it goes into production.

During the production, each work phase is rigorously tested for quality purpose and certified, this is then recorded. Once a manipulator is finally manufactured, it's subjected to quality, safety and fit for purpose tests and then despatch for delivery to customer.

All these tests indicate ATIS Srl commitments to design and manufacture of products of total safety and to highest quality standard that satisfy the customers' requirements.