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Pneumatic manipulator with swivel-rigid arms, it has a higher capacity than the ATISMIRUS 100. Developed with the same technical and structural features, is equipped with an additional pneumatic cylinder to obtain higher power and bigger audiences.

This manipulator can also be set up with a customized gripping tool to meet the customer's needs.


Operation:pneumatic only
Transmission:through a parallelogram and terminal arm
Configuration:column mounted fixed to the floor, column mounted on self standing base plate, fixed overhead, overhead on rails
Net capacity:260 kg* (radius 2450 mm) / 537 lbs* (radius 8 ft 029/64 in)
Radius Max:3250 mm* (max load 180 kg) / 10 ft 761/64 in* (max load 397 lbs)
Radius Min:400 mm / 1 ft 33/4 in
Vertical stroke:1500 - 1750 - 2050 mm / 4 ft 111/16 in - 5 ft 857/64 in - 6 ft 845/64 in
Supply:from 0.5 to 0.8 MPa /from 73 to 116 psi of clean, dry and oil free compressed air
Column axle:360° continuous rotation
Intermediate axle:max 300° rotation
Noise level:<70 dB

* Operating air pressure 0.7 MPa / 102 psi, gripping tool not included. The values are purely indicative and may be increased and decreased from our technical department to suit specific customer requirements.