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Using an ATIS pneumatic manipulator. When?

There are counteless situations in which it's needed to use handling manipulators. It is impossible to define all!

It must be underlined that the risk for an operator can be disregarded only if the load is less than 3 kg - 6.6 lb and of limited size.

You should in fact not generalize and think that a manipulator is suitable only when the load is heavy, bulky or difficult to handle. The products you can handle with ATIS manipulators are not only heavy, there are many other reasons to use an ATIS manipulator:

  • Fragile product
  • Big dimensions;
  • Activity that involves twisting, stooping, bending
  • Excessive travel
  • Pushing - pulling the product
  • Precise positioning of load
  • Sudden movement
  • Inadequate rest or recovery period
  • Team handling
  • Unusual strenght require
  • Unusual height for the activity
  • Load difficult to grasp
  • Sharp load
  • Hot product
  • Cold product
  • And many other situations...