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Grazie e ci scusiamo del disguido.

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ATIS pneumatic manipulators: load lifters for ergonomic handling of any product

Industrial Pneumatic Manipulators ATIS: a wide range of ergonomic handling systems for any type of product and load.

ATIS is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-end industrial pneumatic manipulators.

For 40 years

we’ve been making

your work lighter

ATIS was established in 2006, thanks to the thirty years experience of its founders solidly founded in designing and manufacturing of pneumatic manipulators. Ever since inception, the company continues to be outstanding in professionalism, commitment and spirit of innovation to such an extent that it is a partner and a referenced supplier for major Italian and foreign companies operating in different industries. Continuous research and collaborative attitudes, towards our customers, by all ATIS design engineers, is one of our fortes. Our design and engineering department is constantly looking for the best solutions that afford a single operator to handle any manufactured product, finished or semi-manufactured products, independently and in a safe manner.

the movement, a piece of cake

when quality flies high

Safety is in the air