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Risk in the manual handling of loads

Several risk factors make the manual handling of loads hazardous and thereby increase the possibility of injury. Especially for back injuries, they are related to different aspects of manual handling of loads:

  • too heavy: there is no exact weight limit that is safe;
  • unbalanced or unstable: the centre of gravity of the object is away from the middle of the worker’s body; difficult to reach;
  • difficult to grasp: loads with sharp edges or with dangerous materials can injure workers;
  • too large: if the load is large, it is not possible to follow the basic rules for lifting and carrying;
  • shape or size that obscures the worker’s view.


The manufacturing cycle can increase the risk of injury of the employee in the manual handling of loads:

  • if it is too strenuous, carried out too frequently or for a long time;
  • involves awkward postures or movements, (bent, twisted trunk, over-reaching, raised arms);
  • repetitive handling.


Using an ATIS pneumatic manipulator can remove the problems related to the manual material handling in all working cycles and can be used to handle practically any kind of product.

Using an ATIS pneumatic manipulator during the handling of your product allows the employee to obtain the highest comfort and to maximize their productivity.

Using an ATIS pneumatic handling manipulator in your production is the right solution because:

  •  avoids working injuries
  •  improves the working conditions of the operator
  •  improves the working quality
  •  reduces effort
  •  is simple to use and efficient
  •  reduces cycle times
  •  improves productivity