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The suction tooling adopted and integrated to ATIS pneumatic manipulators have multiple applications in different sectors of various industries.

These pneumatic tooling are capable of lifting and moving about many and diversified products such as sheet metal, boxes, glass sheets, bottles and more. Suction tooling could be structured in many ways. It can be a tooling with single suction cup or multiple suction cups. This is because the choice is dictated by the size, weight and shape of product to handle.

The suction tooling frames are designed with consideration given to customer's request. The suction retainers on the frame can be fixed or adjustable so as to cover various shapes and dimensions of product to handle. Certain feature such as inclination and rotation, for flipping product upside down, can be integrated to the tooling. The rotation and inclination capability could be either manual or pneumatic, while a continuous 360º rotation is also attainable with our suction tooling. 

All gripping tools integrated to our pneumatic manipulators are thoroughly analysed, designed and equipped with the best safety systems available on market today.

Suction cups gripping tool for solar panels packaging
Grip of sack from pallet