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ATIS MANIPULATORS: Safety and Certifications are fundamental elements to the attainment of high quality standard of our pneumatic industrial manipulators

All ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators are designed giving maximum consideration to working quality and safety of the operators.

ATIS manipulators are the ultimate generation of pneumatic industrial manipulators that are designed fundamentally with the most recent norms and regulations in mind. This implies that in-depth knowledge of problems that could arise from pneumatic industrial manipulators of the past generation was is an essential element of design consideration.

Product Safety

ATIS industry experience of over thirty years combined with an engineering design department that always seeks the most suitable and innovative engineering solutions led to rapid growth and recognitions from major blue-chip companies of worldwide acclaim.

All ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators, prior delivery to customers, are subjected to a rigorous test in simulated typical working conditions and simulated extreme working condition to ascertain their absolute performances with broad margins of safety for operators. 

Safe Working Environment

ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators are the most flexible and suitable manipulators available on market due to:

  • Reduction of risk of accidents at work
  • Improvement of work environment
  • Improvement of workplace ergonomics
  • Elimination of manual handling problem
  • Helping employers to conform to health and safety legal responsibility relevant to manual load handling.
  • Productivity growth


Due to a complete range of ATIS products, it is easier for customers to choose appropriate pneumatic industrial manipulators for load handling (heavy, cumbersome and dangerous) in every production sector of their diversified industries.

The operators, with the aid of ATIS' Ergonomic Gripping Systems which are bespoke designs, can handle a load without the use of any dedicated handle or specific push-button control and so rendering the experience pretty much natural and precise. Thanks to the systems ability to make the load "weightless", the operators can execute works with maximum flexibility and in total safety.

ATEX certification

ATIS manipulators can be designed for operations in potentially explosive environments and be supported with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC certification.