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From the onset, ATIS quality policy focuses on meeting customer satisfaction and be supportive of their productivity growth.

Our quality policy is essentially founded on:

  • Pursue and observe a quality system in accordance with the regulations of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008;
  • ATIS to be synonymous to high quality standard;
  • Customers satisfaction to be our core value and philosophy;
  • Maximise the internal resources to minimise or avoid mistakes, eliminate late deliveries and inefficiencies;
  • Comply with all required national and international legal frameworks.


The efforts in pursuit of quality process paid off within 2 years, as ATIS Srl. was awarded the Quality Management Certificate - UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Download the Certificate from here


In line with the quality policy, as stated above, ATIS is continuing with the below listed objects:

  • Manufacturing activities, within ATIS, always in conformity with health and safety policy at workplace;
  • Continuous improvement to organisational management, working environment and latest technologies with main purpose of raising efficiency level and quality standard;
  • Minimise non-conforming practises within ATIS;
  • Provide products that, through their functionalities and reliabilities, meet customers’ expectations and fulfill contract terms & conditions for business;
  • Cost optimisation to improve pricing;
  • Constant and continuous contact with suppliers for beneficial relationship and optimum quality control of external processes;
  • Engage all staff members in quality control management system procedures;
  • Improve the activities of all branch offices by encouraging their staff members to embrace the concept of supplier/internal customer.


In other to achieve all the above, ATIS Srl. adopted a Quality Management System that requires total inclusion of the whole internal structure. All staff members are fully trained in executing effectively their duties and encouraged to contribute to objectives of achieving the company continuous quality management standard.