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All ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators are supplied with gripping tools, specifically designed to meet customers' load handling requirements.

The bespoke approach to design helps us to find the most suitable solution to load handling problems and this is one of the focal points on which our manipulator design principle is based.

The attention and flexibility in our approach to the specific load handling needs of customers were born out of the extensive experience, within the industry, that spans over thirty years and acquisition of necessary innovative technologies.

All starts from our open attitude to dialogue and total collaboration with customers, from the design stage of each project to the final assembly/buy off stage. The below summarises the process steps in use at ATIS:

  • Meeting and initial conversation with customers
  • Assessment of customer's handling requirements relative to work cycles
  • Development of concept, generation of first design and issuance of technical drawings 
  • Revision and approval of technical drawings
  • Manufacturing stage
  • Equipment testing and buy-off
  • Equipment Delivery


ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators are, always, designed to be adaptable as much as possible to the specific load handling requirements of our customers. ATIS lifting assistors are extremely flexible and easy to use thanks to our approach to gripping tool design, which is driven by the customer’s real necessities.

Each company’s reality is unique with its characteristics and specific needs. ATIS manipulators are designed to adapt to the operator and his/her mansions and not the opposite. ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators are designed to satisfy our customers’ requirements as listed below:

  • Guarantee high performance
  • Guarantee minimum maintenance
  • Guarantee safety at workplace
  • Meets fully safety standard and ergonomic as stated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - NIOSH and Occupational Health and Safety Act - OHSA