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Handling windows e joinery with ATIS manipulators


Thanks to the manipulator designed by ATIS it is possible to lift large glasses, it is useful in glass factories during the production cycle, but also by window makers to help them during the construction of the window and the installation of heavy triple glazing.

ATIS has completed the manipulator with a specific suction cup tool to handle glasses of different sizes. Easily adaptable to different glass formats, the suction cup gripping system allows the rotation of the glass or window and its inclination from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

Lifting glasses with the ATIS manipulator becomes fast, safe and reliable. A single operator can perform all movements in total safety with a clear improvement in ergonomics, production times and above all safety.

We present an example of application, with rail applied to the ceiling, the glass lifting manipulator slides on the rails and allows you to cover a large working area.

Demonstration videos