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We increase the ergonomics and productivity of your work places !


The pneumatic manipulators ATIS are the solution to all needs related to load handling in all production industries.

We offer a wide range of products which can be customized with specific gripping systems on the basis of the load to be handled and the working cycle as well as the working area available.

Our articulated rigid arm manipulators allow to handle also offset loads and make it possible to rotate, tilt, and turn upside down the products, or to load and unload installations. The wire rope manipulators are particularly adapted for work spaces with a limited height available.

The applications of our pneumatic manipulators are numerous and thanks to the know-how and experience gained over the years, ATIS is able to propose special solutions that perfectly adapt to the handling needs of every customer.

It’s always possible to find a gripping system adapted to the application requested!

With ATIS manipulators you will obtain:

-          Increase in productivity

-          Clear improvement in working conditions

-          Increase in safety for the operator

-          Reduction in cycle costs

-          Flexibility: possibility to have interchangeable gripping tools to move different products