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Industrial pneumatic manipulator for moulds


The pneumatically actuated ATISmirus 100 weight zeroiser is an industrial manipulator, also known as a weight balancer, that we have implemented with a standard hook tool for mould clamping.

The ATISmirus100 manipulator has been implemented on a 1000 x 1000 mm self-standing base for machine tooling, particularly mould changes. Two types of heads can be mounted on the tool, either an arm with a standard hook to which a magnet can be mounted to handle products flat or an arm with appropriate joints to mount a magnet vertically.
The balancing system is semi-automatic with a memory button

The moulds will be taken from the reference trolley and deposited

The credit for our designs goes to our staff, who work to create ergonomic and tailor-made solutions for each type of product to be handled.

For us at ATIS, safety is one of the key points to enable operators using our products to work in the best conditions, eliminating the problems associated with manually lifting loads. This means achieving the standards prescribed by European Directive 90/269/EC and the national regulations that implement it.

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