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Industrial pneumatic manipulator for glass and boxes


The ATISmirus 200 gripping system is a pneumatic manipulator, also known as a weight balancer, completed with a gripping system specially designed and manufactured to allow the handling and lifting of glass and boxes placed flat on a trolley or roller conveyor. The suction cup tool allows the handled products to be tilted into different positions in order to deposit it in the appropriate box or pallet.
The glass or boxes can be lifted and moved either vertically or horizontally.
The solutions developed by ATIS make it possible to solve safety problems in the manual handling of loads, both with regard to the weight, which is cancelled out by the weight zeroing device, and with regard to the ergonomics of the workstations, which is greatly increased with the implementation of the ATIS manipulator. The handling of fragile and bulky products, such as glass sheets, is also safe for operators.
Thanks to ATIS load setters, it is possible to optimise production cycle times, improving the quality of work and increasing operator safety.

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