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Ergonomically handling reels of plastic film: the solution with ATIS pneumatic manipulators


We tell you how a manipulator and gripping equipment for the safe handling of your products are born ... we follow your requests.

Customer request - Project Ref. 40140068

Take the plastic film reels from the shaft with horizontal axis and deposit them with vertical axis on the pallet. Lift and move the reels effortlessly for the operator and with guaranteed ergonomics. Capacity: 100 kg. Action range: 3000 mm


ATIS has developed a rigid arm pneumatic manipulator model ATISmirus 200, complementing it with a system of pneumatic grippers on internal diameter, also known as a mandrel. The gripping system is equipped with double controls on two heights for ergonomic management of the various handling phases by the operator. Thanks to the lever it is possible to tilt the reel from horizontal to vertical in a simple and intuitive way for the operator.

The compressed air operation allows extreme reliability of the manipulator over time without costly replacement of electronic components.

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