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The magnets, either manual or pneumatic, also known as integrated magnets, can be attached to all ATIS lifting assistors.

They can be integrated to all ATIS pneumatic manipulators:

  • ATISmirus series, the articulated rigid arms manipulators with parallelogram.
  • ATISacer series, the articulated rigid arms manipulators with double wire cables.
  • ATISlinear series, the vertical sliding manipulators and compact.
  • ATISferax series, the lever actionable pneumatic manipulators.  

The magnet tooling can as well be integrated to numerous other solutions available at ATIS.

Once the choice of tooling fell on using magnet as the best solution for handling customer's product, it will be our engineering design department that will evaluate and design suitable magnet tooling to be integrated to the manipulator.

More than one magnet can be used for an application, for example a long steel pipe or large steel coil will need more than one magnet to lift it at the same time.

The magnets and the pneumatics, inclusive of the necessary push button control, will all be integrated into the tooling.