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ATIS is a leading company in design and manufacture of pneumatic industrial manipulators of high range

The basic principle, on which our pneumatic manipulators are designed, is quality. This element is correctly integrated into our 3D engineering design management system. Our engineering designs are done with dedicated 3D software for process efficiency. The whole process starts with customer's product that our design engineers use to quantity the bespoke solution and definition of gripping tool design.

Our manipulators are developed out of the real needs of operators. Essentially, customer's satisfaction is the essence of ATIS manipulators. The design approach renders ATIS manipulator and operator all one body because product handling could be done without handle and push buttons, but simply by using the product itself to move about. In case of fragile or hot product, the gripping tool will come with a handle and control push buttons ergonomically positioned to suit operator's need.

All these attributes aim essentially at improvement of safety at workplace, productivity growth, reduction in injuries to operators and reduction in damage to products, consequently an increase in company profits. Introducing ATIS manipulators in workplaces is a true step to achieve all the above attributes.

The handling needs of manufacturing industries are so vast and different; in order to meet these various needs, ATIS came up with wide range of manipulators such as the following:

  • Articulated rigid arms
  • Steel cable
  • Vertical sliding
  • Sliding
  • Special base plate (forkable / transpallet)


Articulated rigid arms pneumatic manipulators

ATIS manipulators with articulated rigid arms and parallelogram, belong to ATISmirus series, designed specifically to handle offset loads. The safe lifting capacity goes up to maximum of 600kg (1323 lbs). These manipulators can be supplied with different bespoke gripping tool such as gripping jaws, suction tool, magnet, and hook unit.  It could be equipped with manual and pneumatically powered rotation and / or inclination.

Pneumatic manipulators with steel cable

This series of pneumatic manipulators come with articulated rigid arms and double steel cables.

These manipulators, ATISacer series can be supplied with bespoke gripping tool, designed to meet the customer's specific requirements. They can lift load up to maximum of 150kg (330 lbs). These manipulators can be supplied with different bespoke gripping tool. They are most suitable for restricted or tight working areas.

Vertical sliding pneumatic manipulators

This series of pneumatic manipulators, ATISlinear series, are compact. They possess big lifting capacity and usually go on overhead tracks. They can be equipped with bespoke gripping tool of a complex nature with manual or pneumatically powered rotation and / or inclination.

Lever actionable pneumatic manipulators

Series of light weight pneumatic manipulators, ATISferax series, which are pretty compact, responsive and precise. Suitable for applications in restricted and tight working areas with intensive process time cycle.