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ATISmirus  an articulated rigid arms pneumatic manipulator with parallelogram for vertical movements, designed for maximum precision in load handling. It is most suitable for handling offset loads in every direction without hindrance, but with ease and precision.

These manipulators can be supplied with bespoke gripping tool, designed to meet the customer's specific requirements. The bespoke gripping tool comes with either manual or pneumatically powered movements that allows execution of load handling cycle.

ATISmirus series are appropriately defined to meet customer's requirements, suit the chosen tooling head and render load handling easy for operator to carry out.

Our engineering design team of experts made load handling easier and functionality of the system is operator friendly became the priority and emphasis were placed, from onset, on the operator’s requirements. These are fundamental elements, of technical specification of the product to handle, that are taken account of by our engineering personnel.

ATISmirus pneumatic industrial manipulators with parallelogram are available in different configurations such as:

  • Fix to floor base-plate column mounted
  • Auto-stable base plate column mounted
  • Fixed overhead
  • Overhead trolley mounted on tracks


ATISmirus pneumatic industrial manipulators do not require an electrical power supply, but only 5-7 bar (73 to 116 psi) of compressed air. This implies that installation time is drastically reduced and certainly the setting-up of the working area is simplified and brief.


  • vertical movements with parallelogram
  • load handling, also suitable for handling offset loads in every direction with ease
  • no need for electrical power supply, but just 5-7 bar (73-116 psi) of compressed air
  • reduces product weight to zero, that is to say the product becomes weightless