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ATISlinear manipulators are able to handle load s in both vertical and horizontal orientations, thanks to the forceful vertical movement and attachment, with the aid of steel plate flange, to trolley mounted on overhead tracks.

ATISlinear manipulators are compact and ideal for applications in all restricted working areas.

Thorough study and analysis of manipulator, during design stage, coupled with our design engineers years of experience brought about this exceptionally sensitive manipulator capable of formidable efficiency in any onerous condition.

ATISlinear manipulators can be supplied with bespoke gripping tool, designed to meet the customer's specific requirements. The bespoke gripping tool comes with either manual or pneumatically powered movements that allows execution of load handling cycle.


  • rigid vertical movement
  • attach to the trolley on tracks through connecting flange
  • compact manipulators


ATISlinear - rigid arm configuration

ATISlinear pneumatic manipulator