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La giusta soluzione per movimentare in completa sicurezza sacchi, scatole e fusti

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Pneumatic manipulators with articulated rigid arms and parallelogram for vertical movement. Designed to guarantee maximum and precise handling of loads. Ideal for handling offset loads or rotation and inclination of the products to handle. Suitable also for handling heavy loads.
Steel cable pneumatic manipulators for handling balanced loads. They are distinguished from the rest because of their rapidity, thanks to the vertical excursion of the double steel cables. Lightweight, compact and ideal to solve many handling problems, especially within restricted working areas.
Overhead trolley mounted pneumatic manipulators on tracks, characterised for stable vertical movement on a linear guide. Lightweight and compact. It is suitable for working areas, where restricted spaces dictate the needs for vertical movements. An ideal system for working areas without room for manoeuvre or with obstructions.
Lever actionable pneumatic manipulators with controllable vertical movement and render load handling easy, natural and highly precision. With their lightness and astonishing agility, handling time in the most extreme process cycles can be improved and significant reduction to stress suffer by operators.